Date Venue/Place Organizer
9th September 2017 Chicago Dr. L Subramaniam & team
5th September 2017 Chicago Chicago Symphony
1st to 3rd September 2017 Nashville  
27th August 2017 Johannesburg Johannesburg Fusion - Dr. L Subramaniam & team
26th August 2017 Harare Harare Fusion - Dr. L Subramaniam & team
24th August 2017 Maputo Maputo Fusion - Dr. L Subramaniam & team
16th August 2017 Johannesburg Dr. L Subramaniam & team
22nd July 2017 Mehfil, ICCR Kolkata MAKAIAS
7th - 9th July 2017 SAnta Clara, San Francisco NABC 2017
26th Oct 2016 Perforamance with Taaltantra at Valladolid, Spain  
25th Oct 2016 Perforamance with Taaltantra at Las Palmas, Spain  
23rd Oct 2016 Perforamance with Taaltantra at Madrid, Spain  
21st Oct 2016 Perforamance with Taaltantra at Avilés, Spain  
18th Oct 2016 Perforamance with Taaltantra at León, Spain  
16th Oct 2016 Performance with Taaltantra in Barcelona, Spain  
19th Oct 2013 "Naked Jazz" in der "Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin"  
17th Oct 2013 Jazz around the world im PUC, Pucheimer Kulturzentrum  
12th Oct 2013 Taal Tantra Experience im Kulturforum Salzburg ( Odeion, Salzburg)  
17th July - 13th Aug' 2013 UK & Germany  
27th June - 8th July' 2013 Switzerland & Germany  
9th May - 18th June' 2013 USA  
28th April - 5th May' 2013 Kerala  
12th - 25th April' 2013 UK & Germany  
18th March - 1st April' 2013 US Concert for Pt. Ravi Shankar Memorial (Los Angeles)  
25th Feb - 10th March 2013 New Delhi Recording with Anoushka Shankar, Norah Jones & Scottish orchestra with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
13th April, 2012
Film Release
Film - Bonga Local
From 21st March to 12th April 2012
Shows in America
11th March, 2012,
Rock Qawwali
Tantra, Park Hotel, Kolkata  
10th March, 2012
Rock Qawwali
Holi Party @ URBANA, Kolkata  
4th March, 2012
Rock Qawwali
Mumbai BlueFROG
3rd - 5th February , 2012
Sufi Sutra
Mohor Kunj, Kolkata  

4-6th Feb
Sufi Festival

Nicco Park-Kolkata  
30th Jan,2011
Taal Vadya Kutcheri
Golf Green Utsav,Kolkata  
29th Jan 2011
(Taal Tantra)
27th Jan 2011
(Taal Tantra)
Birla Savha Ghar, Kolkata  
23rd Dec 2010
(Taal Tantra)
City centre Saltlake, Kolkata  
19th Dec 2010 (Taal Tantra) Jadavpur High School, Kolkata

 3rd June 2010  Budapest  
31st May 2010   Cologne  
28th May 2010 Bremen  
24th May 2010 Prague  
20th May 2010 Geneva  
18th May 2010 Zurich  
30th April 2010 Vancouver, B C, Canada Chan Center for the P A  
29th April 2010 Saratoga, CA Carriage House  
28th April, 2010 San Francisco CA Palace of Fine Arts Theatre  
 24th April, 2010 Schaumburg, IL  
23rd April,2010 Milwaukee 81 Pabst Theatre  
21st-22nd April, 2010 Stoughton Opera House  
20th April, 2010 Minneapolis, MN Dacota  
18th April , 2010 Augusta, GA Maxwell Theatre  
17th April 2010 Washington DC Sixth & I Historic Synagogue      
16th April, 2010 Norfolk, VA Roper Performing Art Center Virginia Art Festival
12th April 2010 Markharn, ON, Canada  
 10th April 2010    Decorah, TA Centre for Faith & Life  The Anoushka Shankar Project
8th April 2010 Heritage college Artist Attraction: Taaltantra
3rd April 2010 Golfgreen Music Festival Artist Attraction: Taaltantra
2nd April, 2010 Some place else, Kolkata Artist Attraction: Taaltantra
29th March,2010 Palermo  
27th March,2010 Florence  
20th March 2010 Melbourne, Australia Artist Attraction: Ravi Shankar
15th-16th March 2010 Sydney, Australia Artist Attraction: Ravi Shankar
12th March 2010 Wellington, New Zealand Artist Attraction: Ravi Shankar
8th March, 2010 Adelaiede, Australia Artist Attraction: Ravi Shankar
16th Jan, 2010 Birla Sabhaghar Traditional Fakiri Festival presented by
18th Dec, 2009 Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata Taaltantra
5th, 6th, 12th & 13th Dec, 2009 Neheru Children Museum, Kolkata Seminar
26th Nov - 1st Dec, 2009 Indonesia Taaltantra
25th Nov, 2009 London to Jakarta with Taal Tantra
13th Nov, 2009 Delhi to London with Anoushka
11th Nov, 2009 Trivandram with  Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
10th Nov, 2009 Mumbai with  Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
9th Nov, 2009 Ernakulam with  Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
8th Nov, 2009 Cochin with  Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
5th Nov, 2009 Bangladesh with Amaan Ali and Ayaan Ali
17th July, 2009 London with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
8th - 15th July, 2009 Europe with German Taaltantra members
3rd July, 2009 Sanjose, North America Taaltantra
24th May, 2009 Middlesbrough Town Hall
21st May, 2009 London Kings Place
16th May, 2009

Vancouver BC Canada

Caravan World Rhythms Society - Orpheum Theatre
13th May, 2009

Davis, CA

Mondavi Center, UC Davis
11th May, 2009

Modesto, CA

Gallo Center for the Arts
4th May, 2009

Charlotte, NC

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center - Belk Theater
1st May, 2009

Charlottesville, VA

Paramount Theater
28th April, 2009

Norfolk, VA

The Virginia Arts Festival - Chrysler Hall
25th April, 2009

Washington, DC

The Kennedy Center
19th April, 2009

Rabindra Sadan

14th April, 2009

Netaji Indoor Stadium

12th April, 2009

Marble Palace

Rotary Club with Taaltantra
31st March, 2009 Kerala Palaghat
27th March, 2009 Singapore Esplanade
8th March, 2009 New Delhi Select Citywalk
1st March, 2009 New Delhi Nehru Park
21st Feb, 2009 Bangalore Palace Grounds
20th Feb, 2009 New Delhi Sirifort Auditorium
18th Feb, 2009 Chandigarh TAJ Ballroom
16th Feb, 2009 Bangalore Chowdiah Memorial Hall
15th Feb, 2009 Mumbai Blue Frog
14th Feb, 2009 Mumbai Blue Frog
13th Feb, 2009 Hyderabad Shilpakala Vedika, Shipkala
11th Feb, 2009 Kolkata Science City
8th Feb, 2009 Mumbai Tata Theatre
8th Feb, 2009 Kolkata Science City Auditorium
7th Feb, 2009 Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata The Dover Lane Music Conference
26th Jan, 2009 Calcutta University Calcutta University Alimony Association with Taaltantra
25th Jan, 2009 Kolkata Dover Lane Music Festival
25th Jan, 2009 Uttarpara Uttarpara Sanskirtik Chakra
24th Jan, 2009 Mumbai Mumbai
16th Jan, 2009 Birla Sabhaghar Bengal Classical Academy
15th Jan, 2009 Rabindraokakura hall Salt Lake Basic Science Institute with Taaltantra
12th Jan, 2009 Ahmedabad Saptak Music Festival
11th Jan, 2009 Hyderabad Hyderabad International Convention Center
10th Jan, 2009 Sithi Sithi Athletic Club with Taaltantra
28th Nov, 2008 Calcutta Rowing Club Calcutta Rowing Club with Taaltantra
16th Nov, 2008 Princeton DJ Akash
19th Oct, 2008 Philadelphia, Pa Verizon Hall (Kimmel Center)
14th Oct, 2008 Gainseville, Fl Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
11th Oct, 2008 West Palm Beach, Fl Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall
5th Oct, 2008 Chicago, Ill Chicago Symphony Center
27th Sep, 2008 City Centre Swabhumi with Taaltantra
16th Sep, 2008 Country Club Assam Riffle Regiment with Taaltantra
02nd Sep, 2008 Paris, France Salle Pleyel - Lecture/Demonstration
01st Sep, 2008 Paris, France Salle Pleye - 252, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré
14th April, 2008 Rabindra Sadan West Bengal Cultural Department with Taaltantra
14th April, 2008 ITC Sonar Bangla 24 Ghanta news Channel with Taaltantra
08th March, 2008 ITC Sonar Bangla Designer Agnimitra paul with Taaltantra
05th March, 2008 Jadavpur University Student Union with Taaltantra
29th Feb, 2008 Saturday Club Celebration International with Taaltantra
18th Feb, 2008 Swabhumi TTIS(Telegraph) with Taaltantra
15th Feb, 2008 Pradian Loungh Celebration International with Taaltantra
05th Jan, 2008 Nicco Park in the honour of Gautam Chattapadhya with Taaltantra
04th Jan, 2008 Nicco Park All India Psychiatrist's show with Taaltantra
03rd Jan, 2008 Jamshedpur Tata Steel
28th Dec, 2007 Science City All India Doctor's conference with Taaltantra
21st Dec, 2007 City Centre Taaltantra
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